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    Plan to Attend Cloud Burst and SDC

    Cloud Storage Developers will be Converging on Santa Clara in September for the Storage Developer Conference and the Cloud Burst Event

    Cloud Burst Event

    There are a multitude of events dedicated to cloud computing, but where can you go to find out specifically about cloud storage? The 2011 SNIA Cloud Burst Summit educates and offers insight into this fast-growing market segment. Come hear from industry luminaries, see live demonstrations, and talk to technology vendors about how to get started with cloud storage.

    The audience for the SNIA Cloud Burst Summit is IT storage professionals and related colleagues who are looking to cloud storage as a solution for their IT environments. The day’s agenda will be packed with presentations from cloud industry luminaries, the latest cloud development panel discussions, a focus on cloud backup, and a cocktail networking opportunity in the evening.

    Check out the Agenda and Register Today…


    Storage Developer Conference

    The SNIA Storage Developer Conference is the premier event for developers of cloud storage, filesystems and storage technologies. The year there is a full cloud track on the Agenda, as well as some great speakers. Some examples include:

    Programming the Cloud

    CDMI for Cloud IPC

    David Slik
    Technical Director,
    Object Storage

    Open Source Droplet Library with CDMI Support

    Giorgio Regni

    CDMI Federations, Year 2

    David Slik
    Technical Director,
    Object Storage,

    CDMI Retention Improvements

    Priya Nc
    Principal Software Engineer,
    EMC Data Storage Systems

    CDMI Conformance and Performance Testing

    David Slik
    Technical Director,
    Object Storage,

    Use of Storage Security in the Cloud

    David Dodgson
    Software Engineer,

    Authenticating Cloud Storage with Distributed Keys

    Jason Resch
    Senior Software Engineer,

    Resilience at Scale in the Distributed Storage Cloud

    Alma Riska
    Consultant Software Engineer,

    Changing Requirements for Distributed File Systems in Cloud Storage

    Wesley Leggette
    Cleversafe, Inc

    Best Practices in Designing Cloud Storage Based Archival Solution

    Sreenidhi Iyangar
    Senior Technical Lead,

    Tape’s Role in the Cloud

    Chris Marsh
    Market Development Manager,
    Spectra Logic

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